10 Ways To Use Edible Flowers
Evrod Phillips

We can all agree that flowers brighten up any room, but have you considered using them in your culinary ventures?

They would be the highlight of your next dinner party –  here is some inspiration from Pinterest, tutorials included!

1. Floral lollipop

Satisfy your sweet cravings with these pretty floral lollipops. Here is how you do them!

2. Floral ice-cubes

Spice up any drink with these beautiful floral ice-cubes – tutorial here.

3. Floral Popsicles

Here is a tutorial on how to create these works of art!

4. Floral Cupcakes

The frosting in this recipe is made with flower-infused simple syrup for extra flower power.

5. Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Lemonade

Refreshing lemonade made from hibiscus flowers, recipe here.

6. Flower Power Cake

Not just beautiful to look at, but tastes delicious too! Recipe here.

7. Sugared Edible Flowers

Pretty & tasty! Recipe here.

8. Floral Scallops

Delicious on their own, but so much prettier with some edible flowers! Recipe here.

9. Edible Flowers Gelatine

Easy way to add a bit of interest to simple looking dessert with gelatine.

10. Butter cookies with edible flowers

Perfect for an afternoon tea!