Say ‘New Beginning’ With The Perfect Bouquet
Pan Wu

We send flowers to the ones we love and care about the most for many reasons.

However, when we want to send a bouquet to celebrate a new beginning – whether it is a new baby, a new home or a fresh start, it can be difficult to choose the right flowers.

Whilst many meanings have changed over time, there are a few flowers which have remained popular for the occasion of a new beginning.

1. Roses

Whilst roses are often thought of as symbolizing love, they also symbolize the prospect of a new beginning depending on what color you choose.

Roses symbolize that of purity hence why they are often used at weddings. Believe it or not, even black roses signify that of a new beginning – relating to the last stage of a mourning process after death. Therefore it is recommended that roses are used during a time of death and mourning.

2. Carnations

Carnations are the ideal bouquet to give someone in order to celebrate a new beginning.  If the pink carnation is given to a woman it represents that she will never be forgotten from your mind – these are readily available from Serenata Flowers. Whilst the red carnation is a symbol of adoration – the white one symbolizes that of good luck in a new venture, or a new beginning – ideal for that of a loved one.

3. Lilies

Lilies are known to contradict themselves when it comes to their meanings. The ‘lily of the valley’ is used to represent a new beginning and a prosperous future. Whereas the ‘daylily’ is the Chinese emblem for mother making it the ideal gift to present to a new parent. There are many types of lilies available today, but the one best for saying; a new beginning is the lily of the valley. This flower is perfect for a colleague at work to celebrate a promotion.

4. Mixed flowers

If you want to ensure your bouquet is colourful and unique, it may be a good idea to mix up the different flowers which each stands for the idea of a new beginning and put them together. This way, your recipient will have a beautiful bouquet full of good luck symbols.