Brighten Up Your Home With Flowers In January
মোহাম্মদআলী চাকরি

It is January and the festive cheer of Christmas has been and gone – along with all of your colorful Christmas decorations.

But that is no reason for your home to look dull and lifeless. January is a time when some of the most beautiful flowers come into bloom – take advantage of this and bring them into your home this New Year to brighten up your abode.

Here is a list of some of the most popular flowers available which are perfect for the January blues.

1. Peruvian lily

Whilst these lilies are originally from South Africa they are now available in the UK. Each flower has up to six petals and comes in the shades: red, orange, purple, green and white. This is one of the most brightly colored flowers you can have in your home this January.

2. Amaryllis

This flower is also known for originating in South Africa but has since become one of the most favorable house flowers in the UK. Many consider them to be part of the lily family due to their similar shape when in bloom.

3. Carnation

Carnations have been a British favorite for many years and is often associated with Mothers Day. However, due to the range of bright colours, they are available in; it would be a shame not to have them in your home this January. They also create the most deliciously sweet scents that take over the entire room.

4. Chrysanthemum

This beautiful flower would look amazing in a living room window. They can bloom into either a range of flowering heads or simply just one solitary one. The Chrysanthemum is available today in a variety of colours depending on personal preference.

5. Iris

The iris plant is extremely popular during the month of January however, it is important to remember that they generally only live a short amount of time. This plant will give your room of choice an air of decadence and beauty.

5. Rose

Roses are probably the most popular flower to have in the home just after the New Year. The rose has a variety of different meanings depending on the color chosen – many households have a yellow one to symbolize a new beginning.

Placing flowers into your home this January will give you all the inspiration you need to continue your new year’s resolutions and begin the year as productively as possible.