10+ Gorgeous Pink Flowers To Fall In Love With
Joel Archibold

Pink blooms are a favourite amongst many, both in the home and in the garden. They bring colour, life and romance to bouquets, vases and outdoor spaces.

Here we’ve listed ten of today’s most prevalent pink flowers

Pink gerberas

This particular species of plant is said to be one of the most vibrant of all the pink blooms available.

They’re hugely popular in wedding bouquets, especially when teamed with paler pink roses and delicate daisies. With their tubular stem and large leaves, Gerbera daisies are just as big as sunflowers.

They’re available in a wide variety of hot hues, including dark pink and light pink.

When grown in the correct environment, these flowers can reach a foot in height, with the average bloom measuring a massive four inches wide.


Roses are a prevalent choice for all occasions, especially as every single shade of rose boasts a different meaning. Red roses are associated with love, whilst yellow are symbolic of joy and friendship.

Pink roses are gifted to those you appreciate and are also a symbol of perfect happiness.


Pink tulips symbolise affection and are the perfect gift choice for those you care a great deal for, such as a family member or close friend.

From double bloomed variants to teacup shaped tulips and pointed lily-flowered tulips, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether used in informal or formal borders and beds, tulips are perfect bedding plants, they’re also a popular choice for bouquets.

Pink hydrangeas

These vintage-style, picture-perfect floral blooms look beautiful when arranged in jars, bottles and unique vases.

The hue of pink is determined by the soil they are grown in, the pinker blooms are associated with soils brandishing high alkaline levels.

Today’s hydrangeas are able to withstand cooler temperatures, whilst some are small enough to slot into perennial borders, and others, are big enough to make a statement in a vibrant bouquet.

Flowering cherry

Flowering cherry, which comes from the cherry blossom tree, is the perfect complement to any outdoor or indoor space.

Although they only bloom for a short period of time – the pink cloud-like blossoms, which range for pale pastel shades to a deep cerise pink, and come to life in spring – are certainly worth the effort.


Dahlias are a symbol of elegance and dignity; they’re also extremely hard wearing. This makes them a great option for gardeners looking for a low maintenance plant and one that has the ability to brighten up the home and garden all the way through autumn to winter.

Dahlias are very diverse plants, in that they look equally appealing in both the garden and the home. When cut, their flowers last around a week.


Peonies boast a sweet, strong perfume with a vintage style.

They’re an ideal option for boho weddings and look perfect when arranged in a jug or jam jar, due to their old-fashioned qualities. Exuding feminine charm and timeless beauty, this flower is ideal to create an arrangement that smells just as good as it looks.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas boast a unique and very intense fragrance, which is why they’re an asset to both homes and gardens. They available in a wide variety of pretty pastel hues, with pale pink flowers being the most prevalent.

Traditionally the flower is a cottage garden classic and can make any arrangement stand out due to their fragrance and colour.


If you long for a garden that looks as good in the winter as it does in the summer, be sure to invest in a handful of camellias.

Pink camellias are one of the most prevalent winter-flowering shrubs and as such, they guarantee to add an injection of colour to your garden when nothing else will dare to bloom.


If someone is always on your mind, be sure to present them with a pretty pink carnation, or if you’re feeling extra generous, an entire bouquet of carnations.

They are often gifted to loved ones on Mother’s Day. They’re also an asset to the garden, as they add an instant hit of colour to an otherwise subtle garden border or bed.