What Kind Of Flowers Should You Give For Father’S Day? June 10, 2019
Adrian Polidori

With Father’s Day fast approaching, now is the time to start planning a surprise and sourcing gifts for the main man in your life. One such gift comes in the shape of a bouquet of flowers or a fresh-hued plant. But what sort of flowers should you opt for and how should you go about getting them? To help you on your way, we’ve listed a few options below to provide you with inspiration.

Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

From all the times he drove you to and from school, to your friends’ houses and picked you up from those late night parties to the times he helped you learn how to drive, put you through University or chipped in for your first car, there are a number of reasons we celebrate Father’s Day! Now it’s your turn to say thank you by showering him with gifts and affection!

Flower of Father’s Day

Carnations are considered the traditional flower of Mother’s Day, while the rose is symbolic of Father’s Day. In many countries, people wear roses to celebrate this special occasion, although you can opt for a wide array of different blooms as it is the thought and message behind them on Father’s Day that counts!

Tips for choosing flowers for dad

When we think of bouquets, we often think of feminine styles and pastel hues, such as lilies, daisies or other pastel-hued creations. However, there are also a number of masculine options available, which certainly come in handy when searching for Father’s Day gift ideas. Both plants and flowers make great gifts for men! For best results, send your dad a structured arrangement of orchids, a bunch of irises or a tropical bouquet. He’ll not only love the gesture because it came from you, as these floral options with their structured style and strong hues make stunning centerpieces.

Tropical Flowers and Plants

Tropical flowers are some of the most prevalent blooms to send to dad. They’re much more masculine in style than that of delicate blooms that possess smaller flowers and evergreen foliage. These types of flowers are both eye-catching and a little manlier. Tropical flowers and plants tend to comprise of orchids, bromeliads, bamboo, and bonsais. They come in a range of warm hues and the blooms are perfectly complemented by the greenery of the bamboo and bonsais. Serenata Flowers have a great option in the shape of the ‘Aztec Sun’ bouquet, which boasts an abundance of golden tones and cheerful hues, yet still boasts a masculine structure. On top of this, these blooms are easy to maintain, meaning they’ll last long past Father’s Day. Your dad can place them in his office, in his living room or even in his man cave!

Flowering Plants

Looking for something that lasts a little longer? A flowering plant is a great idea and one that gives off the same fragrance and feeling as flowers. This is another great Father’s Day gift option. It’s also a perfect option for dads who fancy themselves as green-fingered connoisseurs. Choose from roses, fragrant gardenia, peace lily baskets, campanula baskets, orange rose duos and orchids. Serenata Flowers have a number of options available, all of which are suitable as Father’s Day gifts. If you’re stuck for choice, choose a flower or plant in a color that matches his favorite sports team, his birthstone color or simply his favorite hue!

Plant Bouquets

If you’re still in the mindset that flowers are just too girly for dad, a great option is a plant bouquet. This contemporary bouquet contains solely greenery and no flowers! This is a good choice for dad’s who want to liven up their work office, home office or hallway – in truth, these bouquets can be used just about anywhere!

Take advantage of next day delivery

If you’re unable to surprise your dad this Father’s Day with your presence, surprise him with flowers delivered directly to his door instead. A number of online florists, including Serenata Flowers, offer the option of same and next-day delivery.
If your dad lives further afield, it’s important to choose an online florist that offers international delivery. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that this can take a little longer, which means it’s important to plan in advance!

Plan a surprise family get-together

If you can, get the entire family together and plan a surprise brunch or lunch for your dad! This is a great excuse to spend some quality time with your loved ones, whilst celebrating everything your dad has done for you over the years. Whether you host this at home, at his favorite restaurant or somewhere completely new, providing he has all his family surrounding him, he should be beaming with happiness.