What To Do In Your Garden In May –Gardening Tips

If you are wondering what you should do in your garden this month to help it thrive and prepare it for the winter season, read on.

May is the last month of Autumn here in, the weather is cooling down and as gardeners, we’re getting ready for the winter months. In this blog, we will cover what needs to be done this month to get your garden ready for winter…

What to do for lawn care in May.

1. Now is a great time to apply foliar fertiliser to your lawn to give it the boost it needs to thicken up and help it combat any weed growth and invasion. 2. It is also a good time to start mowing your lawn at a ‘longer’ or taller setting to help it catch as much light as possible during the winter months. 3. Weed removal. During winter, lawn growth slows right down but, unfortunately for gardeners everywhere, weeds start to sprout and increase thanks to the increased moisture. To keep on top of weeds, the winning strategy is to manually pull them out by their roots or mow them before they have a chance to seed. Of course, an alternative (that we prefer to avoid) is to use a chemical weed killer. If you do choose the chemical path, contact professionals or make sure to wear protective clothing and equipment. Yes, the ‘by hand’ method will always be more time-consuming but it is effective – along with being much better for the health of the soil and planet.

What tasks you should do in your garden in May.

For all you green thumbs out there, now is the time to take cuttings from your natives to propagate them, planting your cuttings directly into some quality propagating mix for best results. Some other garden tasks are:

Prune spent flowers in ornamental plants such as roses, salvia, buddleia, etc.

Prune hydrangeas back

Prune trees and taller shrubs. It is a great time to prune them back to open the foliage so the winter rain can penetrate the soil more evenly – this will also make them less prone to winter storm damage with less foliage and branches able to be affected by wind.

What should you plant in your garden in May?

May in is a great time to plant new natives and trees to give them a chance to establish during the rainy season. With the increased and more consistent watering, they will be stronger and more able to resist the heat and drought come summer. We all know the extra time and care it takes to keep new plants healthy and growing during the summer heat! You can also plant dormant stocks, bulbs and trees during this month. For those with edible gardens, some ideal vegetables to plant in May are: