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Keep the beauty of flowers, plants, the garden, and all things botanical in sight all year round. A calendar with botanical art work, fantastic flower photography, and pictures of all the other beautiful things that nature provides for us can be on your wall or desk, at home or in the office, every day of the year.

This 'In the Garden' calendar displays the glory and diverse nature of gardens. Both exquisite private gardens and enchanting public parks, the photographs in this calendar reveal the beauty of some of the worlds finest gardens. You can wander 'In the Garden' all year long. This calendar is perfect to decorate in your home, kitchen, or office and helps to keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events throughout the year. More calendars below.

The calendars that I have included in the page below relate to gardening, flowers, plants, and landscapes. If you do not see something that suits you, click through to see a greater selection of calendars in a multitude of themes.

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