Moss Wall Art Isn'T Just Pretty, It'S Good For You Too
Jola Mimicri

Plus, it’s as low-maintenance as they come.

Moss wall art may be a hot new home decor trend, but its history goes back many years. According to Inhabitat, monks in Japan have grown moss walls in temples for thousands of years, as the gentle green facade helps to quiet the mind and create "the sensation of expansiveness."

But what exactly is a moss wall? Erin Kinsey, designer and owner of California-based Artisan Moss- whose gorgeous custom pannels grace the walls of the Google offices and award-winning hotels such as New York's One Brooklyn Bridge -says these works of art, or "Plant Paintings" as she refers to her creations, are made by preserving various varieties of mosses that are then mounted onto any size frame. (In case you're wondering there are 22,000 moss varieties.)

Unlike living plant walls which require light and water, moss walls have their moisture replaced with natural preservatives and don't require maintenance - making it the perfect green solution for busy people on the go, and rooms starved of natural light.

"With Plant Paintings you're able to hang greenery on your wall as artwork without the effort of running plumbing and special lighting," says Kinsey. "And if you have a location with insufficient light or are prone to traveling frequently, you can hang [a moss wall] and return home to lush greenery."

Just because they don't clean the air like potted plants doesn't mean there aren't health benefits to having a moss wall.

While you may be interested in these gorgeous living walls solely for aesthetic reasons, they add more than beauty to a home. The founders of Arizona-based Plant Solutions, which offers stunning one-of-a-kind Moss Wall Art, explain that by bringing greenery inside, many people feel more relaxed, peaceful and at one with nature-feelings that most of us could use on particularly hectic days.

"We think of these as biomimicry art pieces, mimicking the outdoors we would rather be playing in, and connecting us to our human nature and innate love of living things," owner Joe Zazzera told the source.

If you're looking for some zen new decor to bring a relaxed vibe into your home, moss art might just be the way to go!