A Room With A View: What Flowers For Where In Your Home?
Wided Sanai

It’s a well-known fact that if you are selling your home you are advised to place fresh flowers in each room because their scent mixed with their beauty adds something to the home and entices people to buy it; FACT!

Why this happens isn’t clear but the positive associations of having flowers in your home are accepted worldwide.

So, we’ve established flowers are essential home accessories but where should we put them and are there different blooms for different rooms?


Let’s start with the space that people enter first. If you are lucky enough to have a big entrance hall then it would be a bloomin’ crime not to have a carefully placed floral decoration as a centerpiece! Use your choice of flower to make a statement about your family and your home.

For example, a neat and tight bunch of tea roses in light, pastel shades exude class and elegance, while a bright, messy bunch of wildflowers like purple cornflower, yellow California poppy and sassy sunflower portray a happy ‘off the wall’ family that loves fun and isn’t afraid to be spontaneous.


This is the hub of the home; it’s the place where the family gathers daily to eat and share stories from their day and it is the place where guests congregate to socialize over a glass of wine. If you have an island in your kitchen, then why not display a striking bunch of gladioli or long stemmed lilies?

Tying the color scheme into your kitchen decor is nice, but it’s not essential and sometimes it is just as pleasing on the eye to go for shades of white or cream. Serenata Flowers has a great range of flowers in these colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect option for your kitchen or home.

Living room

Tulips in any color are a great choice of flower for the living area as they are both stylish and pretty. Why not pick about 20 and bunch them together in a large glass vase for maximum impact?


Did you know that each month of the year has a corresponding flower? This is a great option for individuals looking for personalized bedroom flowers as you can choose the bloom from your birthday month:

·January: carnations

·February: isis

·March: daffodil

·April: daisy

·May: lilies

·June: rose

·July: delphiniums

·August: gladioli

·September: forget-me-not

·October: marigold

·November: chrysanthemums

·December: poinsettia 

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