Winter Flowers Guide
Ezun Yahworience

Whether bold and bright or pastel-colored and delicate, winter flowers are the perfect pick-me-ups for your home for the cold months.

Short Guide to Winter Flowers

Here is your ultimate guide to the ideal flowers to use during winter:

1. Lavender

Mediterranean in origin, lavender thrives in windswept conditions; one of the reasons they frequently flower in the winter months. Their bun shaped balls and sweet scent make them an ideal option for the home environment and their fresh and uplifting aroma is guaranteed to wake up any room in the household – even on the dullest of days!

2. Winter rose

This particular plant species is in fact not a rose at all. It’s a low ground cover boasting a series of shy, green and plum nodding flowers. They’re another great option for the home environment; some will choose to fashion a table centerpiece by floating the flowers in bowls brimming with water.

3. Carnations

Carnations can be found in a wide range of colours, including everything from pink to yellow. They boast a heritage that dates back almost 200 years which makes them an extremely symbolic flower. In fact, they were once used to decorate Greek ceremonial crowns.

Dark red carnations represent love and affection, whilst pink carnations are said to be the creation of the Virgin Mary’s tears. Whatever colour you choose, they’re a great bloom to brighten the place up on a cold winter’s day.

4. Evergreens

Evergreens are a popular option for wedding bouquets, especially in the winter months. Choosing flowers and plants that are in bloom at the time of your marriage is a great way to keep costs down.

5. Gerbera

Gerbera daisies can grow anywhere from Africa to South America and come in a wide variety of colours. The name suggests innocence and purity and a vase brimming with Gerbera’s will definitely bring a little winter cheer into your home. They also have a long vase life, which makes them ideal for offices and shop displays as you won’t have to buy new flowers every other day.

6. Cyclamen

Originating from the Mediterranean Basin, East Iran and Europe, these flowers are valued for their erratically patterned leaves and upswept petals. There are many species of this plant but Cyclamen persicum and coum tend to bloom best in winter. These flowers are available in white, purple and pink shades and when teamed with pinecones and holly they make a great festive centre piece.

7. Chrysanthemums

Often labelled ‘mums’ or ‘chrysanths’, these flowers are native to both north eastern Europe and Asia. Their leaves have jagged; tooth-like edges, whilst each plant boasts several flower heads in a white, red or yellow shade.

8. Fairy primrose

Another flower that blooms in the winter months is the fairy primrose – also known as primula obconica. These lacy white flowers appear tinged in lavender, pink, and magenta and unfortunately only last the one season, though they’re an ideal choice for those wishing to brighten up a dull space nonetheless.

9. Acacia

Also known as the whistling horn or the wattle, these genius shrubs which are native to Australia boast a series of small flowers with long stamens. Sometimes yellow, cream or purple, they are always accompanied by horizontal shaped leaves.

10. Paper daisy

This winter-flowering native boasts blue-grey foliage, complemented by yellow-centred papery white flower petals. Whether in the garden or the house, these starry white flowers make a particularly impressive display.

11. Daphne

A winter favourite for many flower enthusiasts, this sweet scented blossom originates from the hills of Japan and China. During the winter months it comes alive with an abundance of star-shaped, minute, pale-pink flowers and polished green leaves.

12. Hardenbergia

This popular flowering climber boasts vivid purple pea shaped flowers that are able to survive on the coldest of days. Certain species have white and pink flowers.

13. Snowdrops and snowflakes

These milky white flowers are often nicknamed snowflakes. Their nodding white heads wait until the winter months before popping through the forest floor. Snowdrops are one of many extremely hardy plant species – the cooler the weather – the longer they last!

14. Luculia

If you’re looking for a flower to fill your house with fragrance, Luculia is a great option. When bringing this flower indoors, many will crush the stems to make the plant last longer. Slender, rose-hued buds complement lustrous green leaves.

15. Woodland cyclamen

These particular flower species are able to survive for many months dormant. Come winter, they reveal a vision of mauve, white and red flowers. They’re also found in several sizes.

Cyclamen persicum has flowers shaped like angel wings which make them one of the most popular options for the home

16. Bergenia

Sprouting from robust wood-like stems, Bergenia has large, leathery dark-hued leaves that acquire warmer tones in the colder months. Each of the flowers boasts five bright pink petals which grow in clusters on long stems. Certain species flower in red, white and mauve shades.

17. Polyanthus

If you’re looking to add an injection of colour to your home this Christmas, a vase bursting with Polyanthus flowers is guaranteed to suffice. To prolong their lifespan, it’s recommended that you remove tired, dull flower heads as and when needed.

Flowers and seasons are closely bound to one and other with most flowers being season specific.

If you have a specific occasion coming up, such as a wedding or a charity event, it’s worthwhile checking which flowers are in bloom from Serenata Flowers; especially if you wish to portray a particular theme.