Ten Weird Facts About Lilies
Wided Sanai

The lily is celebrated as being one of the most adored flower variants in the world.

Boasting an array of shades and shapes, it symbolises simplicity, happiness and purity.

Here we discover 10 interesting facts about these beautiful flowers.

1.Lilies are found in a variety of places across the world, including Canada, the USA, India, Japan, Australia and most European countries. In fact, lilies are one of the most prevalent flowers in Europe, with many choosing to display them in both their homes and gardens.

2.Although the majority of lilies are grown for their beautiful flowers, certain species are solely grown for their edible bulbs. If youre a culinary connoisseur, this is certainly one dish you should try. The bulbs are cultivated for food in Asia, specifically in China, Korea and Japan. In China, you can find them in both the northern and central regions. Although there are many edible lily species, the ones most prevalently grown for food are Lilium brownii, Lilium pumilum and Lilium dauricum.

3.Certain types of lilies boast certain meanings. For example, white lilies symbolise purity and simplicity, while daylilies are associated with flirtation and romance. Tiger lilies symbolise both royalty and wealth, whilst the lily of the valley is the epitome of sweetness. This particular species is the perfect lily to present to a loved one, friend or family member.

4.Lilies have different meanings all over the world. The Chinese believe they bring good luck (especially in regards to Feng Shui), whilst in the Assyrian civilisation, they were considered to be a holy flower. Greek lore on the other hand associates the lily with motherhood whilst Christians believe this flower to represent chastity and innocence.

5.It might be hard to believe, but although many are under the impression that all flowers proffer a sweet smell, its only white lilies that are scented. Asides from the tiger lily, which is renowned for its sweet scent, coloured varieties have no fragrance whatsoever. Despite this, theyre still one of the most popular style of lily and many choose to display them in their homes, offices and gardens.

6.Although lilies boast an extremely long vase life, this can be increased even further by removing the pollen found in the flower. Those who choose to display the lily in their office or homes should embrace this tip!

7.Tiger lilies are described as the most flamboyant of all lily species available to plant in the garden. Their huge, wide and vibrant flowers make them particularly extravagant and theyre often used in more arty bouquets.

8.History states the Greek God Apollo presented the Lily of the Valley to Aesculapius, the great healer. Today, a number of lily species boast health beneficial properties, and certain species contain compounds that are used in medicine. These medicines treat ailments such as depression, heart disease, angina and anxiety. Additionally, many parts of the world use them to treat a variety of other illnesses, usually in the form of an essential oils or balms. Beauty-wise, certain extracts from the lily can brighten the skin and reduce scars.

9.If youre a fan of cats, be sure to keep them away from lilies. Although their fragrance is enjoyed by most, theyre highly toxic to our furry friends. This is especially the case if you choose to plant lilies in the garden.

10.Lilies are said to be one of the top ten flowers in the world, which means theyre a popular choice for bouquets and centrepieces.

Whether designing a floral arrangement for the home, the office reception area or an extravagant event, the lily is a great choice of flower to use. When combined with other floral species, you can create an extremely attractive display. At SerenataFlowers.com you can find a wide range of white lilies, orange lilies and pink lilies to choose from, no matter what the occasion.

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