Is It Good To Plant Trees In The Courtyard?

Many flower lovers may have heard that it is best not to plant big trees in their gardens. This is considered to form a "sleepy" word in Feng Shui theory, which is not conducive to human fortune. Of course, we should not be like this now. Superstition, the editor will scientifically analyze the reasons why big trees should not be planted in the courtyard.

In fact, in the early agricultural society, the courtyard was used for drying rice, and if there was a tree in it, of course it would block the sun. The roots of the tree will damage the flat courtyard, hinder the drying of the grain and the arrangement of the grain, so there is a saying that trees should not be in the courtyard.

   However, with the advancement and change of modern production methods, these uses of courtyards no longer exist. Especially in the courtyards of modern buildings, the term “sleepy” for planting trees is too far-fetched. Flowers, grass, and trees are originally the spirits born in the land, and they are the sign of the attributes of a piece of land. However, improper planting, especially planting some tall trees, will have adverse effects on the practical functions of the courtyard and the health and life of people.

   Generally speaking, the practical value of planting big trees in the courtyard is not high, and there are many inconveniences. In summary, there are roughly the following disadvantages.

   1. Planting big trees in the courtyard will inevitably affect the daylighting. Tall trees will block doors and windows and prevent sunlight from entering the room, making the house dark and humid, which is not conducive to the health of the occupants.

  2. Planting big trees in the courtyard also affects good ventilation and obstructs the flow of fresh air between the house and the courtyard. As a result, indoor humidity and stale air cannot be eliminated as soon as possible, making the residential environment damp and unhealthy.

  3. Larger trees should not be planted in the courtyard, because the roots of the big trees are strong and absorb much water, which can easily damage the foundation and affect the safety of the house.

       4. Traditionally, it is believed that tall trees tend to get roots under the house and affect the firmness of the foundation. The roots of the tree grow or die under the house, which will bring potential danger to the safety of the house.

   5. If large trees are planted in the courtyard, the large tree itself occupies a large area, as a result, the courtyard will appear narrow. On the other hand, there are many big leaves, and once the wind blows, the fallen leaves are all over the ground. It is not easy to clean, and it also affects hygiene and viewing.

  6. ​​In ancient times, planting trees in the courtyard was more valued for viewing than practical value, but now it is the opposite. In addition to drying clothes and enjoying the shade, the courtyard is also a good place for play and reunion. If large trees are planted in the courtyard, the space for activities will be reduced, which is very inconvenient. Large trees are not suitable for planting in the courtyard, but it does not mean that other plants cannot be planted. If you want to plant trees in the courtyard, it is better to plant small trees of limited length to increase the beauty of the environment. In addition, some flowers and plants can be planted in the courtyard, which is not only an ornament, but also a kind of fun. Taking time out every morning and evening to pruning flowers and trees or weeding and irrigating, this is also a healthy exercise, which can increase the life of the elderly.

  In fact, people who really like flowers and trees often think about it when designing their own courtyards. The appropriate layout can not only cultivate sentiment and be pleasing to the eye, but also create a unique artistic effect that will teach people to linger.